Our properties aren’t just bricks and mortar. The thing that makes our homes special is the warm, flexible and supportive way of life there. You can live as independently as you like, and if you need support, it’s right there for you. At the heart of every Platinum Skies property you’ll find a vibrant community. There’s always something going on: activities, events, you’ll be spoilt for choice. It’s up to you whether you join in or not. And our range of fabulous services comes on a pay-as-you-use basis, making luxury living truly affordable.


When you live in a Platinum Skies property, you’ll get:

Tranquil outside spaces and inviting guest suites

Delicious bistro dining and wellbeing sanctuaries

Exclusive offers and fun outings

Daily sundries – the little details that make a difference, such as free newspapers and an umbrella on hand when you need it.




The Lifestyle Manager of your Platinum Skies property is there to make everything run smoothly. They’ll help you get settled in, and welcome you to the community. They’ll organise regular social gatherings and trips, so you can meet your neighbours and become part of the welcoming community there.

The Lifestyle Manager is also the person to speak to if you want to have friends and family staying over in the guest suites, or if you want to book the private dining rooms, which are both available at several of our properties.


When you buy a Platinum Skies property, we’re your partner for life, making sure your changing needs are all considered and taken care of.

If you need it, you’ll have access to an exceptional level of care thanks to our unique partnership with Agincare. Agincare has been providing community health services and support for over twenty years. You can move into your new property knowing that however much, or however little support you need, it’s there for you, as and when you need it.


We set the highest standards of service for ourselves. That’s why we don’t hire external suppliers or contractors. We do everything in-house, from designing the properties to managing them when you’ve moved in. This way, we can take full responsibility for making sure everything runs perfectly. If something in the building needs attending to, we’ll get on it right away.


We are available between 9:00am – 17:30pm. Out of hours, please leave an answerphone message with your name and number and we will be in touch as soon as we can.

01202 805 513