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What is Retirement Living?

Retirement living is defined as a coverall term for post-work life.  The image it conjures up, however, can vary. What’s important is to get the retirement lifestyle you’ve not only worked for but that’s appropriate for your needs.

Retirement is one of the biggest life changes you’ll face and making that transition a success requires planning. Work will no longer be the focus of your days but the traditional view of bored retirees watching daytime TV or wandering around garden centres is changing.

We’re living longer – many people now live in retirement for around 30 years – and more people want an active and healthy retirement. So, with potentially a third of your life spent post-work, you need to properly consider your retirement living options.

Making the most of your retirement

living is easy with Platinum Skies.

We have a full-time lifestyle manager at every Platinum Skies location. Our managers get to know every resident personally, so they are able to connect like-minded residents using our mix of social activities, days out or health-related activities. Many of our retirement living sites feature activity rooms, treatment rooms and communal areas, which you can take full advantage of.

Many of our retirement communities are located in beautiful areas allowing for beach or woodland walks, and cycleways so you can stay healthy and active in soothing natural surroundings. Encouraging an active and healthy lifestyle helps combat loneliness and isolation as we age and as part of our duty of care we are there to provide support to our community.

savings illustration

Funding your retirement will always be key and Platinum Skies offers a way for your retirement living costs to be efficiently managed.

Your priorities for your money will change once you retire; your focus is likely to change from accumulating money to sustainably withdrawing it from your savings.

So it would also be reassuring to know that you have sufficient funds to ensure your retirement and good living aren’t strangers. Platinum Skies offers a unique and affordable retirement solution that takes much of the stress away from selling your home and allows you to buy a beautiful retirement home at half price, paying rent on the balance.

Rents that are regulated by Homes England, so you know your costs won’t spiral out of control. And you can move in as little as six weeks, regardless of whether your home has been sold.

Platinum Skies offers affordable retirement housing to part buy, part rent – you pay half but live life to the full. Our focus is to deliver health, wealth and happiness.

See how Platinum Skies
can help you today

Live a happy, healthy and wealthy retirement!

  • Choose your stunning Platinum Skies home, pay half, rent half
  • Paying only half makes luxury living truly affordable
  • Unlock more money to live the retirement you’ve dreamed of
  • You’ll always own your new share of your new home
  • Unlock a new home that meets your present and future needs
  • Be part of a vibrant community of like-minded people
  • Save thousands on moving and stamp duty costs
  • All the reassurance of a government backed scheme

Release cash to help offspring get on the housing ladder

or find the funds to pay off debts.

Releasing equity from your home is one way to release cash to do this, or to boost your retirement income. Another is to downsize to a smaller house or flat. Platinum Skies offers an alternative that puts you and your retirement living front and centre but still allows you to assist your family or pay off debts should you need to.

By only paying half the cost of your new luxury retirement home (paying the rest as manageable rent) you receive the balance of the sale of your home as a lump sum to spend as you wish.

Top tips for your retirement living

So how do you ensure your retirement living remains affordable, comfortable and suitable for your changing needs? Read our top tips for planning your retirement living

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Time plan

Have a time plan. However, close you are to retirement, think about when you want to retire and when it would be practical to do so. It will help you work out what steps you need to take to achieve the retirement you’d like.

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Check Your Options

Look at all your options for retirement living, including getting an estimate of how much you might have saved (including workplace and personal, including any final salary schemes) and get a state pension statement from the website

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Where do you want to live? Do you want to remain in your own home, or would you consider finding out about retirement living options near you? Consider how your home will play a part in shaping the next phase of your life.

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Future Lifestyle

What do you want your future lifestyle to look like? Consider what it might cost to achieve this including your living costs and how much extra you might like to spend on yourself

However close you are to retirement, whether you’re still working but planning ahead, or older so want to look for retirement living for seniors, luxury retirement living doesn’t have to be a pipe dream.

In a Platinum Skies home you can have your own space but be within a supportive and thriving retirement living community. Retirement doesn’t have to be something that happens to you. Take control and enjoy your golden years!

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