Christmas Activities to do with the Grandchildren

Christmas Gingerbread house decorating


The holiday season is fast approaching and it’s a wonderful time for family and friends to be together and get into the Christmas spirit. There are plenty of Christmassy activities that can be enjoyed with the grandchildren and we’ve picked out some favourites in this post.

  1. Make a gingerbread house!

This can be so much fun to create with the grandchildren and to eat afterwards! It depends on your culinary gifting as to whether you want to bake your own gingerbread house or whether you prefer the ‘ikea-style’ flat pack versions. For those who are short on time or prefer a stress-free kitchen, the flat pack version might be the best choice. They are available at most supermarkets and come with icing and sweetie decorations. The best way to enjoy creating these with your grandchildren is to create a ‘safe space’ with a large wipeable table cloth which can protect furnishings and give you a great ‘messy-space’ for the grandkids to be creative!

Make a frosty alpine cottage adorned with crystallized jelly sweets like something out of a fairytale and do it all to a backdrop of Christmas music! This is a wonderfully creative thing to do and the best part is that when you’ve finished it and taken the obligatory photos you can all enjoy devouring it together!

  1. Paper decorations

Paper decorations are an easy and fun way to include the grandchildren in decorating the house. Make sure to supervise the children when they are using the scissors and help them to create unique snowflakes to hang from the ceiling and long paper chains to drape across shelves. Colourful paper, pritt stick and some child-friendly scissors will make this a great activity and get your apartment looking festive for the holidays!

  1. Create a Christmas tree decoration

For older children it can be wonderful to create a tree decoration. Using your own materials or kits from craft shops, you can create unique decorations for your tree. A lovely way of personalising the decorations is to paint or draw your grandchild’s initial on it. That way, you can gain a collection of unique decorations that give joy year-after-year and can be fun for the grandchildren to put up each Christmas.

  1. Baking mince pies, cookies & sausage rolls!

There are some wonderful recipes on the BBC Good Food website for mince pies, cookies for decorating and sausage rolls. These recipes are all fairly easy and so can be a great way to spend time with the grandchildren, keeping them entertained while mummy and daddy might be wrapping presents! It gets them involved in the activities surrounding Christmas, helping with the food preparation, while also helping get everyone in the festive spirit. Why not have some Christmas music on in the background while you’re baking and reward the grandchildren with a family Christmas film afterwards?

  1. Night Before Christmas & other stories

On Christmas Eve it can be wonderful to turn off the television, have a lovely fire going, sip hot chocolate and read to the grandchildren. If you’re not with the grandchildren on Christmas Eve, don’t let that stop you! With Skype and Facetime it’s easy to connect around the holiday season with those who are far away and reading to the grandchildren can still be a part of the tradition. The classic, and one of our favourite’s at Platinum Skies, is The Night Before Christmas. You can purchase editions of this book with beautiful illustrations for the grandchildren to enjoy, or even better, why not purchase a digital version simultaneously so that your grandchildren can read it at the same time if you are not together on Christmas Eve? That way they can follow along.

  1. Christmas eve present

A final thing to do with the grandchildren is to have a tradition of a small Christmas Eve present for them. It’s a lovely way to make Christmas Eve even more special and gives you a chance to really treat loved ones. It’s quite popular to gift a new pair of Christmas pyjamas so that the grandchildren can wake up wearing them on Christmas morning. Or you may want to give them a book to read to encourage them to stay in bed! Or even a game that can be played before the grandchildren go to bed. It’s just a little something extra to make the time of year even more magical.

On behalf of everyone here at Platinum Skies, we hope you have a wonderful holiday season whatever you are doing. And why not give yourself the ultimate treat and find out more about the wonderful retirement apartments that Platinum Skies could offer you? Enquire online or phone on 01202 471 461.