What benefits can you enjoy in retirement?

Retirement money jar

Here at Platinum Skies we believe that retirement is something to be enjoyed. When you have worked hard for many years and you retire, it’s an opportunity to enjoy life, and it’s good to know what sort of benefits you might be entitled to that could add to your enjoyment. We’ve listed some of the benefits with some helpful links in this blog post.

Free Bus Pass

When you are retired you might not want the bother and expense of running your own car. And with a free bus pass available why would you? The GOV UK website states the following:

‘In England you can get a bus pass for free travel when you reach the female State Pension age whether you’re a man or a woman.’

In Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland you can get a free bus pass when you reach 60. Have a look at the GOV UK website to see if you qualify for a bus pass or to check when you will.

Free TV Licence for Over 75s

Catching up on your favourite programmes or watching the latest British drama with friends on a Sunday night can be really enjoyable. Did you know that if you are aged 75 or over, you can get a free TV licence?

You can apply for your free licence here on the GOV UK website.

Free Prescriptions

When you are aged over 60 you are entitled to free prescriptions. This can really help, especially if you have repeat prescriptions, and it’s easy to make sure you’re making the most of this entitlement by going to the NHS’s website page on help with health costs.  

Free Eye Tests & Eyecare Entitlements

Similar to the prescription entitlement, everyone over the age of 60 is eligible for free eye tests. There can be additional help towards the cost of contact lenses and glasses depending upon your circumstances too. Have a look at the NHS’s website page dedicated to Eyecare entitlements.

Fuel Bill Benefits & Home Heating Improvements

We mentioned this in a previous blog post on Preparing for Winter, the Government can give help towards paying for your fuel and heating bills during the winter months. This is because the NHS specifies that if you are 65 or over you should heat your home to at least 18°C. The Winter Fuel Payment can give you up to £300 tax-free to help with heating bills if you were born before January 5th 1953. The Cold Weather Payment is available to you if you receive certain benefits, you can find out more here. Additionally, if you have a poorly insulated home then there are schemes which can install insulation and heating improvements in your home, you can read more about these on the Energy Saving Trust website. You could also benefit from the Warm Homes Discount scheme if you get the Guarantee Credit element of the Pension Credit. You can read more about Pension Credits below.

State Pension, Pension Credits & Council Tax

Most people should be entitled to a state pension when they retire. This gives you a regular income based on how many years of National Insurance contributions you have built up. In addition to this, if you are on a low income then there is Pension Credit. This is a top up for pensioners whose income falls below the guaranteed minimum level. You can find out more about Pension Credit and if you are eligible on the GOV UK website. Although Council Tax Benefits ceased on 1st April 2013, you can find benefits and support towards paying Council Tax from your local council. The best thing to do is to contact your council to find out what you are entitled to in support.

For more information The Money Advice Service has a great page on all the benefits you can be entitled to during retirement. Here at Platinum Skies, we want your retirement to be enjoyable, that’s why we provide exclusive retirement homes with multiple purchasing options. For more information enquire online or phone today on 01202 471 461.