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Stuart home owner in Salisbury at Chapters

Meet Stuart one of our homeowners at our Chapters community in Salisbury. Stuart tells us about what moving to a new Platinum Skies property, in Salisbury has meant for him and his wife.

Why did you move to Chapters?

“My wife and I, we moved to Chapters from Weymouth, and it was a beautiful location, but unfortunately my wife developed problems with her ability to walk correctly, so we wanted to come to Chapters here to be close to our daughter and to enjoy a retirement environment.”

How did the shared ownership scheme benefit you?

“I did use the shared ownership scheme to move into Chapters. When I first looked at Chapters, I was very keen to purchase 100%. But then I began to understand the benefits of having some cash that was spare to me. I also then joined the owners plan, the POP scheme. And really, I think that resolved in my mind what to do with my money.”

What is the community like at Chapters in Salisbury?

“I think it’s actually superb for me, from my wife and I’s point of view. It’s a very good community and it’s very well led and the organisation actually helps the community to develop so it embraces everybody. I’ve noticed that some people can not necessarily want to join in absolutely everything and other people will want to do everything, but it caters for everybody across the board.”

How easy is it to make friends at Chapters?

“At Chapters, it is surprisingly easy because one of the big benefits of having the bistro is that people can go for lunch and you can see people you’ve never met before. We can have a discussion, a chat and also the coffee mornings are very conducive towards meeting people you haven’t met before.”

Stuart home owner in Salisbury at Chapters

What activities do you enjoy at Chapters?

“The activities that we enjoy, we don’t think we’ve been here a long time, and it did take us perhaps a couple of months to get everything the way it set up, the way we wanted. But then we started to join in with coffee mornings the bistro, perhaps once a week or once every ten days or so. We’ve looked at the other groups and we are keen to move forward with those. But there’s many one-off events like quiz mornings and musical events, that are in fact very attractive to us.”

What do you like most about the Platinum Skies community?

What do we like most about the Platinum Skies community really is the cohesiveness of everything. As I’ve said before, the way it is well led and well managed. The staff are very much tuned in to what people of retirement age would like to be doing and the way they’d like to be treated. Everybody’s dealt with, I think, in a very professional, welcoming manner.

What is the best bit about living at Chapters?

The best part about living in Chapters, I think for me, it is the environment. I haven’t actually been to other developments from Platinum Skies, but the environment here is very clean. It’s very attractive. It’s well looked after well-maintained. I would also say that the apartments themselves are built to a very, very good standard. I have lived in another brand new apartments that are not built to this standard. So this one pleases me very much indeed.

Would you recommend Chapters to others?

I would recommend Chapters to other people because I believe that it has a great deal to offer. To me, it is very well worth considering and is also very well developed as a package, not just buildings and not just the management, but the package that is available when you join this community, I think is very attractive to me and others.

Come and experience Chapters in Salisbury for yourself

Prices for an apartment at Chapters start from £135,000 for an apartment, based on the buyer paying 50% of the property’s full market value.

Make an appointment to come and view an apartment or house at Chapters, call the team on 0808 253 0177.