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So, what is Shared Ownership?

Learn about the smartest way you can fund your retirement. When you think of the term ‘shared ownership’, you probably imagine young first-time buyers being given a subsidised deposit to get on the property ladder. But there is also a scheme specifically designed to help over 55’s, which should make a better retirement more affordable….

Downsizing or Equity Release

How can you free up equity? You’re thinking of retirement and in doing so you have lots of questions. Where do you want to live? What do you want to spend your time doing? How will you support any potential future care needs? How do you deal with your finances? When you’re thinking about your…

A new way to release equity with Platinum Skies

We are rapidly learning that so-called ‘easy-one-step’ solutions for a trouble-free retirement turn out to be quite the opposite. Many retirees are stuck in homes they can’t afford to maintain, searching for ways to generate capital from their biggest asset, their home. Equity release is increasing its UK market share year-on-year with £2bn withdrawn through…