Platinum Owners Plan

No Rent, No Fees, No Charges

Release Your Equity & Live Cost Free

With Platinum Skies you pay just half price for your luxury new retirement apartment. This unlocks the money from your old home. Using a Platinum Owners Plan you can make your money work harder. And make money from where you live!

A Platinum Owners Plan manages the payment of your living costs; Rent, Service Charges, and Ground Rent. Making life a lot less complicated. When you purchase a plan you receive reward vouchers that are used as payment towards your living costs.

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Mary & Davids Story

With their equity unlocked from the sale of their old home, Mary and David purchased a Platinum Owners Plan. They were able to cut their living costs in half, giving them more freedom to enjoy their retirement.

“It’s really worked for us, we own a lovely home that costs us far less to live in than our old home, and the plan gives us more money to do the things we enjoy most”.


Tailored To Your Finances

You can purchase a plan to suit you. The more you spend, the more reward vouchers you receive. Use your reward vouchers to cut your living costs and even live cost free! We’ve based the figures below on the average yearly living cost for a Platinum Skies resident.

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So Simple. So Smart.

Your plan lasts for 12 months. At the end of 12 months you receive a full refund of any balance remaining in your plan, no fees, no hidden charges.
And if you have reward vouchers left over we will even exchange these for cash so you never lose out.


Purchase your tailored Platinum Owners Plan


Receive Reward vouchers on your purchase


Use your vouchers to cut your living costs


Your costs are paid and you save

Live For Free With Platinum Skies

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  • Choose your stunning Platinum Skies home, pay half, rent half
  • Unlock the equity from your old home
  • Purchase a Platinum Owners Plan and earn rewards
  • Use your rewards to cut your living costs
  • And even live for free!

The right location for you

We can make your budget go further and find a location to suit your future needs. All our retirement living sites are in desirable areas that give you the best recreational, healthcare and lifestyle services on your doorstep.


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