Costs & Charges

How much does it cost to live at Platinum Skies?


All services, support and activities laid on for Platinum Skies homeowners are provided on a not-for-profit basis so you are guaranteed great value with the lowest service charges.  This is all part of our goal to make a happier and healthier retirement more affordable for all.

Any support or care that might be needed now, or in the future, is delivered on a pay-as-you-go basis, so you only pay for what you need, when you need it.  At Platinum Skies you really do get the best deal.

Along with the lowest costs, we have some clever ways to make your money go further such as Shared Ownership and our Platinum Owners Plan that rewards you with vouchers to cut your living costs and you can even live cost free.

Estimated total Service Charge per week

Service Charges are paid annually, for guidance, the average costs per week are shown below.  Full costs for any of our homes are available, please just ask.

Service charges Platinum skies

Service Charges – What is included?

At Platinum Skies you get to enjoy all of the facilities and grounds without having to worry about their upkeep now or in the future.  Your service charge will keep the roof watertight, the gardens free from weeds, the lifts running smoothly and all of the communal areas in tip-top condition as well as making sure that there are sufficient funds available for the future.

Your Service Charge also covers the support you receive from your Lifestyle Manager on site and the 24 hour telephone support team.  And remember the services are delivered on a not-for-profit-basis so your service charge is solely going towards the provision of services and facilities for your community.

8% of your service charge

Buildings, public liability and contents insurance in communal areas

5% of your service charges

Heating, electricity, water and waste charges for all of the communal areas

8% of your service charge

Includes maintaining the property and the upkeep of the gardens and car park areas

11% of your service charge

Keeping the communal areas in good decorative order, regularly cleaned and with all equipment serviced and maintained in working order

14% of your service charge

Set aside on an annual basis to ensure that there is sufficient funds for future repairs to the buildings and grounds

12% of your service charge

Covers the costs of managing all aspects of the property and grounds and providing 24 hour telephone cover

20% of your service charge

Dedicated Lifestyle Manager and support staff that provide activities, services, safety and the helping hand that our homeowners need on a daily basis

Covers the cost of management, administration, and governance of the freehold of the properties

7% of your service charge

Maintaining a safe and secure property for all of our homeowners to enjoy with CCTV coverage and security arrangement as required

Service charges do not include individual homes utilities and services such as Electricity usage, Council Tax, Broadband and Phone, TV Licence, TV services and individual buildings and contents insurance.

Platinum Owners Plan

Earn reward vouchers and live for free!

At Platinum Skies we work hard to save you money.  So we created the Platinum Owners Plan to manage the payment of your living costs; Rent, Service Charges, and Ground Rent.  Making life a lot less complicated.  And when you purchase a plan you receive reward vouchers that you can use as payment towards your living costs.  With enough reward vouchers you can even live for free!

Deferred Payment

Enjoy now, pay later!

To make a happier and healthier retirement more affordable when we build and sell our homes we do not recoup the investment in providing the communal facilities, the Bistro, Activity Rooms, Lounge or the external facilities.

These are provided to create a vibrant community for our homeowners to have a fulfilled life today. The exceptional cost of building these facilities and any significant repairs and improvement is recouped, in part, through a deferred payment by each homeowner when they move on from their Platinum Skies home.

We call this an Event Fee and is based on a percentage of the market value of their property at that time. Event fees at Platinum Skies are 2% per year, or part year, capped at 5 years or 10%.

Our homeowners and Platinum Skies as their property partner both benefit from an increase in property values.  And with property price inflation in the UK consistently at 4% per year, the growth in the market value of each homeowners share of their property is likely to cover their event fee costs.