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The 8 emotional stages of coping in a heatwave

Summer is officially here, and temperatures are predicted to reach scorching levels. But a heatwave can be quite a roller coaster when it comes to your mood.

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But for many, the scorching summer months can be a challenge. Cold compresses at the ready, as you start to feel like this…

1. Excited

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Everyone is talking about the weather, whether they’re saying, ‘Getting hot out there,’ over Zoom, or tentatively noting: ‘Weather’s looking nice this week’ in BBQ-organising WhatsApp chats. Your hopes are up, your shorts are on, the sun block has been dug out. Let’s go.

2. Cynical

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The weather forecast is saying the temperature is going to hit 30C. Surely not! That never happens! This is northern Europe! It’ll be warm at best you reckon, so you buy more burgers and hot dog buns, but decide against filling the freezer with ice lollies, you don’t want to tempt fate…

3. Happy (ridiculously so)

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You wake to golden light and blue skies. It’s hot at 8.30am – it’s going to be glorious! A day that looks and feels like every sun-drenched summer holiday of your childhood! You dash round the house (overheating as you go) opening all the windows, and spend half an hour agonising over which sunglasses to wear. It’s going to be such a good day.

4. Overambitious

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You’ve corralled your household into a beach/park/garden day. The car is filled with dinghies and windbreaks, beach towels and cozzies, gallons of water and sun hats galore. But once you’re striding across that park or beach, looking for the perfect spot, you begin to regret the sheer amount of buckets/spades/cool bags/picnic blankets/mini golf sets/footballs you’re lugging in the midday sun. And now you can’t find the sunblock…

5. Exhausted

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You all collapse in a listless, sweaty heap, in the only scrap of shade you can locate. You’re too hot to even bring a bottle of water to your parched lips, and just know your nose is burnt already. You’d forgotten how horrible it is being this sticky, how draining it is when it’s this hot, and worst of all, the ice cream van appears to have become a hazy, shimmering mirage you just don’t have the energy to reach.

6. Rejuvenated

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You made it to the ice cream van – eventually – and suddenly have the energy for a game of frisbee, or a splash in the sea. There are books to read on a deckchair, cool glasses of Pimm’s to sip and you’re beyond caring about being sticky – it’s actually quite freeing! Turns out you are a sun worshipper after all. You start plotting a move to California – you clearly need the vitamin C year round – and can’t imagine ever changing out of your bikini.

7. Content

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It’s golden hour, the heat has reached a warm, steady peak, but there’s a slight breeze. The grill is on, you have a G&T in hand and a flowing sundress on. You could almost be on holiday (if only). Summer doesn’t get better than this.

8. Totally frazzled

At 3am, you give up on sleep completely. You feel cooked alive, and kicked the sheet off hours ago. You’ve double checked the windows are all open and curse yourself for not ordering another fan from Argos. IT’S TOO HOT. Autumn can’t come soon enough…

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