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Ten ways to start your day right in lockdown

How you spend your morning is key. With much of the world in lockdown, mornings have changed for most people, and it can be hard to shift to a new routine. But starting the day positively can result in higher productivity and a general sense of wellbeing – something we probably all need right now….

Five hobbies to take up during lockdown to keep yourself busy

Try these activities to keep your mind challenged while you’re staying in. Our Lifestyle Managers are isolated on-site and are ensuring that all homeowners are kept up to date with the latest government guidance, as well as providing suggestions on what home based retirement lifestyle activities our residents can get up to whilst indoors. They…

Why spring cleaning is good for your mental health

It’ll release endorphins – the happy hormone. Spring is on its way, with lighter mornings and brighter skies, and daylight saving (when we turn the clocks forward one hour) beginning on Sunday March 29. Around about now, thoughts turn to spring cleaning – especially as we are all spending a lot more time at home….

British Museum: Doors are closed but more people are visiting online

The most online visitors are now from Italy, it said. The British Museum said it has seen a surge in online visitors after closing its doors. There has been a spike in interest in the museum’s online content and virtual tours, it said, since it shut because of the coronavirus pandemic. The number of visitors…

Three fitness challenges to try at home

Self-isolation and social distancing can mean it’s easy to stop working out entirely, but your body and mind will hugely benefit from exercise. If you’re stuck inside, either due to self-isolation or working from home because of coronavirus, maintaining your active retirement lifestyle can be tricky. However, exercise might just be more important than ever….

Nationwide Building Society opens branches early for elderly and vulnerable

The society is trialling new branch opening times during the coronavirus outbreak to help the elderly and vulnerable people manage their money. Britain’s biggest building society is trialling new branch opening times during the coronavirus outbreak, to help the elderly and vulnerable manage their money with a dedicated hour each morning. From March 18, more…

Six reasons to take vitamin C

As a study examines whether vitamin C might help beat coronavirus, here’s how it can help improve your health. Many of us will reach for the vitamin C if we’ve caught a cold, or want to avoid getting one. But now scientists are looking at whether it could help beat coronavirus too. Chinese researchers are…

Ten Mother’s Day gifts for home comfort queens

A gift she can enjoy at home is bound to be a hit. Mother’s Day is the perfect occasion to make your mum feel special with a thoughtful gift – but while chocolates and flowers are a fail-safe traditional choice, how about surprising her with a home treat? From accessories to make her rooms sparkle…