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Support and reassurance with Platinum Skies

It feels good to know that even when you are enjoying a quiet moment in the privacy of your own home you can call on someone for support if you need to. At Platinum Skies, you will always have the best of both worlds and maintain your own independent lifestyle.

When you move into a new Platinum Skies property, you’re not just getting a beautiful place to live, you’re getting the perfect environment to live the life you’d like. At every Platinum Skies retirement living site, residents have access to a wide selection of extra services.

Each site has a dedicated Lifestyle Manager, whose role is to assist owners on a daily basis.

Meet Alison, our experienced and friendly Lifestyle Manager who is here to assist our residents into their new apartment as much or as little as they wish. Alison gets to know each of our new homeowners and explains how her role is key to helping them to enjoy a ‘Platinum Lifestyle’.

“I’m here to help everyone settle into their new homes and make living here easy and enjoyable.

People choose to live at our properties for the location, the beautiful apartments and because they can live an independent lifestyle whilst safe in the knowledge that there’s support on hand if it’s needed.

Being the ‘one stop shop’ for all our residents’ needs, I’m busy organising events, providing local news and knowledge and making sure that our home stays looking as beautiful as the day the first owners moved in.

I’m busy all day around the building and no two days are the same! Some residents like me to pop in daily, and some simply want me to keep an eye on their home when they’re away.

I’m also getting to know our residents’ families, which gives them peace of mind to know that if their loved one suddenly need some lifestyle support, then I’m here to help.” – Alison LeClerc

At each of our retirement sites, the dedicated lifestyle manager learns your likes, dislikes and what you want to spend your time doing – independently and as a community. They then judge what activities would be suitable and enjoyable for the residents and provide a large range of different communal games and projects for the residents to utilise at any time. Such as jigsaw puzzles, game sets or choosing between a selection of films personally requested by the residents.

A study from University of Edinburgh has recently claimed that playing board games may help elderly people keep their memory sharp. Those who regularly played games such as chess, bingo and scrabble were more likely to maintain their thinking skills, researchers found.

This was made especially apparent with regards to the participant’s memory function and thinking speed.

At our retirement living site Esprit, Poole, we spoke with one of the residents Patricia Larman who said, “I love coming downstairs and watching films on the TV with the other residents, we laugh so much. I have put my puzzle on the table in the communal lounge for everyone to try as it’s very difficult, at least three of us have attempted to fit it together now. It’s really nice to contribute with my puzzle as we can all attempt it together.”

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