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Salisbury Platinum Skies homeowner recalls memories of the Queen ahead of Platinum Jubilee

A homeowner in our Salisbury community has shared her memories of meeting the Queen ahead of this week’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

Platinum Jubilee: memories of meeting the queen

Memories of the Queen as the Platinum Jubilee apporaches

Dorothy Wakefield, who lives at Chapters in Salisbury with her husband Stuart, remembers meeting The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh in Oman more than 40 years ago.

She said: “The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh flew to Oman for a short official visit on 28 February 1979. The following day, they took a short flight to Nizwa for a private tour of its impressive old fort.

Homeowners at Chapters in Salisbury are looking forward to their Platinum Jubilee party
Homeowners at Chapters are looking forward to their Platinum Jubilee party


“Lec, our boss, requested available ladies to stand in line at the side of the hardstanding to wave them off. It turned out to be a ‘non-event’ as the official car deposited them at the bottom of the aircraft steps and the door was closed as soon as they were inside.”

Dorothy finished work that day at 1pm and her manager, Lec, once again asked Dorothy and her colleagues to line up for the Queen’s formal departure. She says that the request seemed straight-forward but only three ladies went to form line-up to wave the Queen off, due to the experience that they had had that morning.

She added that those that did form the line-up did not change their clothes before doing so as they assumed they would be a distance from Her Majesty, so Dororthy was wearing a denim dress as she stood waiting.

Chatting with the royals

“Once formalities were completed, the Queen was ushered towards the red carpet leading to the aircraft steps, but the Duke of Edinburgh took it upon himself to wave her back to speak with us.

“Later that day, the first item on the television news showed the Queen’s departure, and from afar, it had appeared as though her quick chat to the three of us was on the basis of us being old friends, and she was quite possibly requesting that we pop round the next time we were in London.

“However, what actually occurred as the Queen approached was that I bobbed my head, the lady next to me curtsied and the third lady bowed. The Queen asked me if I liked Oman and all I that came out of my mouth was a squeaky “Yes” which was copied by the other two in response to the questions that she asked of them.

“It seemed readily apparent from the understanding look on her face that our performance was up to par, and maybe she occasionally looks again with fondness at the old recording of our meeting during her first visit to Oman.”

Platinum Jubilee celebrations at Chapters in Salisbury

Our Platinum Skies community in Salisbury, Chapters, will be taking part in special events to mark the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations including hosting a party and enjoying live music.

For more information about taking a tour of one of our Platinum Skies communities, speak to our team on 01202 040996.

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