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Retirement Living and the Great Outdoors

What surroundings do you live in?

Does your neighbourhood consist of grey stoic buildings without character or interest? If this sounds familiar then you’ll know how cathartic it can be to go away on holiday and be greeted with interesting places to explore, parks, local attractions and lovely towns.

Retiring in great places

Now, imagine that you could be surrounded by these kind of places all the time. You don’t even have to wait to be on holiday, you can retire to a Platinum Skies property and enjoy easy access to local attractions, parks, public spaces and town centres. We know how important surroundings and spacious living environments are (we’ve already spoken about how good being outdoors is for the health of your mind and body) and that’s why when we choose where our properties will be, the quality of the surrounding area is always a major consideration.

Local surroundings

Inviting family and friends to your home is a treat. Being proud of where you live and having lots to do in the local area is a bonus. Having attractive outdoor spaces as well as lots of other amenities nearby means that you have even more of an excuse to spend the day out and take the time to make new memories!

Retirement should have a positive impact on your lifestyle. Your everyday enjoyment shouldn’t be lost in retirement especially when it affects your health and wellbeing. Living near green spaces has a ‘sustained positive effect’ on people, especially in urban environments, and this is why our properties are located within easy distances of lovely outdoor areas whether it be Poole Park near our Esprit property or Christchurch harbour near our Monterey property.

Seeing the benefits

The great outdoors is great for a reason. Take a walk in one of the beautiful surrounding areas our properties are situated in and your senses will be stimulated. Whether it’s vibrant, colourful gardens or nearby beaches depending on the property; natural spaces have a way of enriching your lifestyle and giving you something new to see and think about.

Cognitive function is known to be improved when you take a walk outdoors and it can also get your creative juices flowing. You might get some inspiration for your next painting or find a great place to sit and ponder that novel you’ve always wanted to write.

On your Doorstep

So if you’re thinking of retirement then consider the benefits of a Platinum Skies property. You’ll be close to attractive outdoor spaces that will complement your lifestyle and give you and your family when they visit lots to do.

Sounds good doesn’t it? If you think a lifestyle that combines stunning accommodation with local, natural spaces is for you then it’s possible with Platinum Skies, get in touch on 01202 471461.

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