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Getting the best from your retirement

Four Fantastic Reasons To Get the Best From Your Retirement

When it comes to retirement living, people respond to it in different ways. You’ll likely hear the well-worn phrases of ‘winding down,’ ‘moving on’ or ‘seeking out pastures new.’

What’s certain is that it’s a time of change; you’re saying goodbye to the 9-to-5 grind and saying hello to a freedom that you haven’t tasted for decades. Taking full advantage of this newfound opportunity is the key to a happy retirement, so here’s our fantastic four reasons to get the best from your retirement:

Find your passion with a hobby or new skill

Dorset-based insurance company, LV= have found that half of people use their retirement to spend more time on a hobby. It makes perfect sense after all; you’ve got more time and a bit of spare cash, so why not start indulging in that trapeze class you’ve always wanted to?

Circus skills aside, according to LV=, some of the most popular hobbies for retirees include language learning, painting and team sports such as sailing. Experienced seafarers should take a look at Poole, where we’re launching our latest developments, Esprit and Vista.

The area enjoys one of the nicest stretches of coastline in the UK and the local Poole Sailing Club caters to all ages and abilities. A short drive away is the beautiful city of Salisbury, where you’ll find our incredible Chapters development and a treasure trove of country pursuits on the doorstep such as cycling, walking, horse-riding and much more.

Spending more quality time with friends and family

Do you have friends you’d like to see more regularly? Or perhaps family abroad you haven’t bonded with in a while? Retirement is your opportunity to renew friendships and roll back the years with some familiar faces. Far from winding down socially, many retirees use their time to go on group holidays with friends or visit their children and grandchildren. Our residents are no different – they’re a social bunch.

That’s why we offer plenty of quality communal areas across our developments, as well as guest facilities so our residents can host who they want, when they want.

Starting a new venture or opportunity

For some retirees, they may have left work but their head’s still very much in the game. According to the ONS, over-50s account for almost half of those who start their own business. This may sound surprising but, in fact, it makes perfect sense. Retirees can take advantage of new pension freedom reforms to gain an upfront lump-sum pension which they can use to kick-start a new venture.

Combine this with the fact older people will likely have more useful life and career experience under their belt than a maths whizz straight out of university, and retirement seems like the golden time to experiment with that idea you’ve been tinkering with for a while.

Follow your heart and find your happy place

If working life can be characterised by living where your head is – your place of work or children’s school, for instance – retirement is all about living where your heart is. Escaping the big smoke for somewhere quieter is a popular transition retirees make. Some opt for the complete tranquillity of a rural location; others move abroad (Spain and France are the traditionally popular destinations).

Those looking for a relaxed atmosphere within the setting of a beautiful English coastal town could be interested in Poole or Christchurch, which is surrounded by rolling Dorset countryside, yet barely a two-hour train journey from London. Or you could find that rural retreat within the beautiful city of Salisbury with its charming market, culture and history.

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