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Shared Ownership – Retirement Made Easy

Did you realise that could access more capital with Shared Ownership than with a typical equity release scheme? And you wouldn’t suffer from high-interest rates and financial penalties that could erode your investment.

If you’ve owned your home for a few years, it’s likely you’ve built some equity in it. Perhaps you’d love to downsize or use a lifetime mortgage product to release equity to pay for your retirement.

Let the value of your home help you unlock your cash for today and tomorrow

In an online survey conducted for Platinum Skies among 2,001 adults aged 55-75, who own a house or bungalow worth at least £150,000 in the South/Midlands of England or Wales. We found out that nearly 50% of people felt that the biggest barrier for them to get the most out of their retirement was a lack of finances, and that buying a new home to unlock more money during their retirement was a good option.

Our exclusive concept in home-ownership gives you the option to buy a beautiful property at a fraction of the market value. For example:  You can buy a new apartment from only £112,500* – saving 50% on the full purchase price!

It is a far more sustainable alternative to unlock your housing equity and lead the retirement lifestyle you’ve been wanting.

Platinum Skies Retirement Apartments

With Platinum Skies, you can enjoy all the benefits of a new affordable home. It will be beautifully designed, with first-class support services and outstanding onsite facilities, in a community of like-minded neighbours.

At the heart of our developments is a diverse group of people: some still working, others taking up volunteering and some exploring the benefits of unlocking money for new ventures.

Take Mr and Mrs Marshall who by using our unique shared ownership scheme moved into Monterey in Christchurch:

“An apartment was always the answer for us, both financially and practically. A lot of the places we looked at didn’t fit the bill — they were out of budget, too small, or we’d be sharing bathrooms and laundry rooms. Not quite the independent life we were looking for!

Platinum Skies’ part-buy, part-rent concept has meant we’re able to move into a modern, brand new apartment with more space than we thought we could afford and still be mortgage free!

The team have been so helpful, and nothing has been too much trouble throughout the buying process and since we’ve moved in.”

Call us today to find out how to get much more property for your money.

We have properties available in Christchurch, Poole and Salisbury.  For more details call 01202 471461 or email . More information is also available on our website:

* 50% purchase price based on a one-bedroom apartment in Chapters, Salisbury.

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