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Moving to Vista for a new happy life during a pandemic

Frank and Julie Abrams moved to Vista nearly two years ago ahead of Government guidelines changing to advise against moving house in March 2020. They felt incredibly lucky to have moved to their new community just in time. Since moving in, they have both been really impressed with life at Vista.

Moving to Vista for a new happy life during a pandemic

Moving to Vista in Poole

Frank said: “As far as we’re concerned, the whole Platinum Skies concept and reality of living here has been very incredible. We’ve been especially impressed with the Community Manager. Everything we’ve asked of her has been done and she’s not kept us waiting on anything.”

Being quite philosophical, they both understood that sometimes things don’t go to plan, and no one anticipated how COVID would affect their lives, but having moved just in time, they feel grateful to have their new neighbours and friends to talk to within the community.

Frank said: “During the lockdowns, our Community Manager was organising Pilates and dance classes that we could join from our balcony. It’s amazing that they think of activities to keep everybody happy and yet they managed it. Because of that we feel that we wanted to participate in anything that keeps us active and able to interact with the other homeowners.”

Residents doing pilates on their balconies

The community at Vista

Hoping to move to a community full of like-minded people, Frank and Julie were delighted to have such a warm reception when they first arrived at Vista. Frank recalls that they haven’t felt isolated or neglected throughout the process, despite the restrictions early on into their move preventing the homeowners from socialising together.

“Every day without exception, our Community Manager sends us an email or text to make sure we are alright or if there was anything that we need. Or she will ask if we have got any ideas for activities that we would like to do and then she tries to make them happen.

“We found out that she was a great cook and so she brought cake in. She doesn’t have to do things like that. We are very happy to be here and very happy to pay for the lifestyle. It’s lovely having the security. Our apartment ticked all the boxes for us, and we like where we are at Vista.”

Frank and Julie have been chatting to their neighbours about the boost that living at Vista provides to their wellbeing, and they are looking forward to spending many more happy years doing the things that they enjoy.

Life at Platinum Skies

Talking about the Platinum Skies concept itself, Frank notes: “People can’t help but be impressed with the communities and it will appeal to over 55s. Most people that move in have spent most of their lives building up to this point. It’s evident that Platinum Skies understands its customers’ needs and it shows that the team have done their homework very well.”

Frank and Julie wanted to maintain their quality of life, but they understand that are they get older they need to consider their own health for the future. Therefore they decided that now was the time to downsize and to take some money out of their last property.

“We’ve got a very good package for the next five years, which we are really happy about. We came here with an open mind and when we saw the stunning views of Poole Harbour, it was breath-taking. Just to walk out of your apartment everyday day and see those sea views, it’s fantastic.

“But it’s more than that. It’s everything from the Neff appliances, the two generous size bathrooms and the large patio. We had a big garden before, but this is much better regarding the maintenance that we don’t have to do to it.”

Platinum Skies ticked all the boxes for this couple, and they feel like they have the best of both worlds with no regrets since moving.

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