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Meet our homeowners: Sally from Vista in Poole

Meet Sally one of our homeowners at our Vista in Poole. Sally tells us about what moving to Vista, a Platinum Skies independent living community in Poole, has meant for her.

Why did you move to a Platinum Skies community?

“The reason I moved to Platinum Skies was chance. I did things a bit back to front because I decided I wanted a nice apartment with a view. So that’s what I put into Rightmove and Platinum Skies came up. I hadn’t got a preset idea of where I wanted to be. But the apartment was the most important thing and I found it. So I’m really lucky.”

Sally in her Platinum Skies apartment at Vista

How did the shared ownership scheme benefit you?

“The shared ownership scheme has benefited me because I wouldn’t have been able to afford it have moved here without it. It’s as simple as that, so It did benefit me. I put in a 40% share. I didn’t want to put any more than that in because I wanted to keep my money fluid. So far, so good.”

What is the community at Vista like?

“I think Vista as a community, is a great place. We have various events that go on, but also residents do organise things for themselves, like this evening, one of the residents has organised a Chinese evening. So we all sort of decide what we want and then somebody organises it and then will have it down in the community lounge. You obviously don’t have to go if you don’t want to. But there’s quite a few events that do take place. I enjoy them immensely. We have we have a lot of fun.”

The community at Vista in Poole

How easy is it to make friends at Vista?

“It’s very easy to make friends at Vista. When I moved in May, I didn’t know anybody, obviously in Vista and I didn’t know anybody within Poole, so it was completely alien, but it was just so easy. I met Lorraine the day I moved in because Vista was having a cream tea and Prosecco afternoon and I went down to that and I think I went down about 1:00 and got back about 6:00. So it was a really good introduction to life at Vista, and I thought, Oh, I should fit in well here. And I did.”

What organised activities do you enjoy at Vista?

“The organised activities of Vista, at the moment there’s a Zumba class on the Thursday morning and there is a pilates class on a Tuesday evening. I don’t go to the pilates class. I do an independent one in Poole, but I go to the Zumba class on a Thursday and that’s really good fun. It’s again, it’s all about mental well-being because to be involved in any of these activities, it is just good for you.”

Sally homeowner at Vista in Poole

What’s the best bit about living at Vista?

There’s lots of best bets, I would say, because it’s just the whole thing about Vista. There’s always people around, if you want company, you can find it, if you want to be on your own, you could be on your own. You haven’t got people constantly knocking on your door. So you just have the freedom really to do whatever you like. There’s a really good bus service around here. I don’t use my car much at all because it’s just so easy to get on busses, they’re there so frequent. I’ve never known anything like it. They’re brilliant, which is what you want. I do feel living at Vista. It does feel like you’re on a permanent holiday, and I felt that from when I moved in and I still feel that now. So that’s got to be good. For me, I think it is a nice, secure environment and it’s giving me peace of mind.

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Prices at Vista start from £225,000 for an apartment, based on the buyer paying 50% of the property’s full market value.

Make an appointment to come and view an apartment at Vista, call the team on 0808 253 0177.

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