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Lifestyle Managers keep homeowners’ spirits high in second lockdown

Our friendly Lifestyle Managers have been supporting our wonderful homeowners during the second lockdown. The Plat to ensure that they don’t feel lonely or isolated.

At every Platinum Skies location, the Lifestyle Manager onsite plays a vital role in providing emotional advice, alongside wellbeing and practical support to the homeowners, especially during the latest lockdown.

Throughout the year, the Lifestyle Managers arrange a host of activities and initiatives, including special socially-distanced events such as pilates, music performances, and national celebrations. Earlier this year, the Platinum Skies team delivered free care parcels containing essential food items to homeowners, including those in self-isolation to boost their health and wellbeing. Our team will always do as much as they can to support the homeowners to live healthy and happy lives, with even more focus placed on this during the pandemic.

Research by Age UK shows that the number of people aged 50 and over experiencing loneliness is set to reach two million people by 2025/26, which is an almost 50 per cent increase on a reported 1.4million in 2016/17. It also reports that half a million older people go at least five or six days a week without seeing or speaking to another person.

Meanwhile, Age UK reports that ‘Neighbourhoods that are welcoming, attractive, feel safe and have amenities for all residents can help prevent people from becoming lonely. This approach to tackling loneliness is about creating the right environment and providing holistic, personalised support available to all members of society.’

Lifestyle Manager at Espirit, based in Poole town centre, Louise Snow, said: “I’ve been offering emotional support and I’ve been updating the homeowners on the government guidelines as they change and what visitors they can have in the building, such as cleaners and carers.

“I’ve also been checking that the building is regularly cleaned and have been signposting residents to food delivery services. I’m really grateful for their support during such a difficult time, and I want to show that them there is light at the end of the tunnel when the lockdown restrictions are lifted.

“I’ve ordered lots of interactive games like skittles, Pictionary and a pool table, for them to be able to play in groups of up to six people after lockdown, and we’re going to host some Christmas drinks.”

Frank and Julie moved into Vista in Parkstone in March and said that they instantly felt welcomed by Vista’s Lifestyle Manager, Mel, and have become part of the community that Vista enjoys.

Frank said: “It has made a difference having a Lifestyle Manager. Mel is a very personable young lady and I know that she goes beyond the call of duty. She makes a big difference to our wellbeing and our happiness.

“We try not to call on her too much because we are mindful of the fact that there are a lot of other residents that may need her help, but it does make a difference to have her.”

Julie added: “She has offered that if anybody needs any groceries during lockdown, she’ll go and get some if we have run out of things. She also phones those who are on their own daily. Mel is always there for you. That’s the good thing about her.”

Julie added that they have thoroughly enjoyed the activities that their Lifestyle Manager organised before lockdown, which included pilates, coffee mornings, quizzes, and communal fish and chip meals.

Frank went on to say: “I think there’s a good community here. The people that we have made friends here over these past few months have helped us through the lockdown, knowing that they’re there. You know that you can ring them up and have a chat.

“We came here with an open mind because we’re quite a private couple, but we’ve interacted very well, particularly with the older residents here. It must be nice, if you live on your own and you’re elderly, to have a neighbour who you can call on in a heartbeat, if you have an emergency, even in the wee hours of the morning.”

Lifestyle Manager at Vista, Mel Litchfield, said: “I’m really pleased to be able to support the homeowners during lockdown as their wellbeing is really important to me.

“It was great to welcome Frank and Julie into the friendship group that the homeowners have formed at Vista, and they have been really supportive of my role and have let me know when they need my help. It’s good for all of our homeowners to know that I am there as a point of contact to ensure that they live a happy, fulfilled life.

“We’ve got lots of exciting things planned in the lead up to Christmas and so I’m looking forward to when lockdown ends, and we can host socially-distanced events to bring the homeowners together again.”

Viewings for all of Platinum Skies properties are available and can be booked in advance with enhanced Covid-safe measures in place for the safety of visitors, homeowners, and the team. Alternatively, visitors can arrange an online virtual tour to take a look around a potential new home.

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