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What is independent senior living?

Independent senior living means being able to live entirely independently in later life with communal spaces to socialise and connect with your neighbours. We have a vast selection of homes and apartments for over 55’s at Platinum Skies.

Platinum Skies independent senior living

What are the benefits of independent living?

An antidote to loneliness

About one-third of seniors live by themselves and become less socially active as they age. While some time spent alone is perfectly healthy, senior isolation is a real problem. There is evidence that loneliness can contribute to health complications, depression, and cognitive decline.

There are several benefits of living in an independent living community, such as the ability to be sociable without having to coordinate transport or be the person who has to make plans. Plus, there are a dedicated onsite team who will put together organised activities, which could include happy hours, cheese and wine nights, board game clubs, or trips to local theatres, garden centres and museums.

You have the freedom to follow your interests and be yourself

Many people spend decades pursuing a career or raising a family. Those essential responsibilities sometimes push other passions to the side. A community offering independent living gives you the chance to pursue interests you’ve never had time for before, like painting, flower arranging, crafts or volunteering as part of the wider community. Independent living makes ageing at home stress-free so that you can be who you want to be and live how you want to live.

Physical wellness

Independent living communities understand the health and wellness needs of older adults. From on-site restaurants to fitness classes such as pilates and yoga, a network of services is available to offer healthy lifestyle opportunities. In addition to your favourite choices, you can try something new as well.

Easy home maintenance

It can be exhausting to maintain a home after decades of mowing grass, cleaning gutters, and painting and decorating the walls. Independent living communities provide a maintenance-free lifestyle that allows you to enjoy your retirement, while somebody else takes responsibility for the upkeep.

Peace of mind & security

Accessible independent living apartments and homes are equipped with widened doorways and low thresholds, along with walk-in showers that accommodate all levels of physical ability. You won’t need to worry about modifying your home as you age. For added reassurance, all Platinum Skies communities also have on-site Community Managers for additional support and peace of mind.

Is independent senior living right for you?

What is Is independent senior living right for me?

Here are four questions that may help you decide if independent living is the perfect next step for you:

1. How easy is maintaining your current home?

Maintaining a large family home can become more challenging as you age. Perhaps your home has a large garden that requires constant maintenance, or it may be challenging to clean spare rooms. Maybe your home is difficult to access, with a steep slope or with flights of stairs, and over time it may be harder for you to leave your home as often you’d like, which could lead to isolation.

Some of these challenges can be assisted with help from family members, hiring outside assistance and updating parts of your home. However, there is another option. If you’d like a place that does not require a lot of maintenance, then independent living may give you more freedom and flexibility as you age in your purpose-built home.

2. How easy is it for you to get around?

Your current home might be in an area where you have to drive to attend social activities, visit friends, and shop. Suppose you find yourself less comfortable with driving. In this situation, you may find yourself increasingly dependent on public transportation or family and friends to travel. It may be more difficult to visit others, engage in activities that you enjoy, or make appointments with a doctor.

As well as on-site amenities, independent living communities also offer convenient transportation options and are located close to critical local amenities such as shops, doctors, surgeries, and always located next to the town centre.

3. Is it difficult for you to enjoy a good social life?

Suppose you are having difficulty getting out of the house, perhaps due to trouble driving or increased mobility issues. In that case, you are more likely to become isolated. The more isolated a person is, the higher their risk of depression and other mental health problems. Telephones and the Internet can help, but nothing can replace personal communication between people.

Independent living can provide you with a readymade, built-in social network of peers and structured activities such as exercise classes, social events, and trips out.

4. How is your health (and the health of your partner)?

It’s essential to consider your current and future health. You need to consider whether you have a health condition that makes it difficult to stay active and is more likely to get worse over time. It is also important to consider your partner’s health.

Are there things you can manage now that might be more difficult in the future? If you need only minor assistance with activities of daily living at the moment, independent living may be right for you.

Does independent senior living sound like a good option for you?

Salisbury independent senior living

At Platinum Skies, we pride ourselves on luxurious, spacious, and well-built homes. However, when you speak to our homeowners, the first thing they will tell you about is the sense of community, companionship, and the social life that comes with a Platinum Skies property.

Contact us today if you feel like you might be ready to embark on a happier and healthier new chapter in your life at Platinum Skies with independent senior living.

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