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Have you ever shabby-chic’d? Quirky arts & crafts for older people

“When you are older, you realise that everything else is just nothing compared to painting and drawing.”

David Hockney

There’s never a better time to let your artistic flag fly than when you’re retired and if David Hockney, one of Britain’s greatest living artists says it’s true, then it must be!

It’s not all about being the next Hockney but it is about enjoying new experiences and trying new things. When you’re retired you will have more time to do things you enjoy and to push yourself. This is why this month we are focusing on activities, hobbies and sports for older people. In August we saw that enjoying the Great Outdoors is good for creativity and your mind. Arts and crafts are another great way to keep mobility in your hands, keep your brain stimulated and become more involved in the local community.

We’ve popped some of our favourite arts and crafts into this post to inspire you to go and try something new today – have courage and have a go!

Throwing on the wheel!

Pottery on the wheel can seem like something for professionals only. Not true! There’s nothing more fun than smacking some soft clay on the wheel and getting your hands dirty. Pottery workshops are great not just because you can learn something knew, but because you’ll find yourself chuckling with clay-covered hands and a big smile on your face!

Plus, lots of studios include the firing and glazing of your pottery. Make that perfect (well-almost) mug for your morning cup of tea, a jug for your milk and a bowl for your cereal. Or try making something purely decorative. And you know what? If you don’t take to sticky clay like a duck to water, you can have a laugh, go with friends and crease up over the mess you’ve made at the end.

Experience days run near Christchurch (home of our Monterey property) at Woodside Pottery, and if you love it you can continue with courses.

Drawing Life

The human form has always been fascinating and if you’ve never tried life drawing then you’re missing out. There’s something awesome about tracing out the lines of the human body because every line is unique and tells the tale of the owner. Don’t be shy, head on over to a local class and get your amateur-artist buzz on or improve upon your already well-used artistic skills in a new, relaxing and social environment.

The Arts University of Bournemouth is running life drawing classes from October-December 2016 and January-March 2017. This is near our Monterey property in Christchurch Dorset.

Shabby that Chic!

Shabby chic has taken off massively over the last decade. It’s a lovely light style, taken from rural French farmhouses, and can give a modern take on traditional things. Shabby-chic-ing furniture is a great way of giving old furniture new life, is wonderfully creative and anyone can get involved. Using chalk paints, gilding and distressing methods to get the ideal finish.

Have a look at London interior designer Pippa Jameson’s basic guide to creating shabby-chic furniture to get an idea of what you’re in for.

Share your arts & crafts with others!

Don’t just think that because you’re retired you won’t be able to share what you make with others. Many choose to sell online through craft stores such as Etsy where you can create your own online shop just for your products. It can even be a place to get ideas of how far you can take your creative activities thanks to all its inspiring products.

Platinum Skies is all about the people who choose to live in our properties and showing them that life doesn’t end at retirement! If you like the sound of Platinum Skies properties then get in touch today or call on 01202 471461.

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