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From Croissants to Christchurch – A Monterey Story

After 14 years of French bread, fromage and frogs’ legs, Lilian and Roy Coughlin, our latest residents, decided it was time to move back to the UK. Choosing Christchurch as their ideal destination.

Wanting to live closer to their family, and looking to benefit from the UK’s better health services, the Coughlins decided to downsize from their four bedroom family home in Brittany. After so many years abroad, they were shocked at how expensive it would be to move back to the UK.

Lilian explains, “Family ties were pulling us back to the UK, but when the time came to think about downsizing and returning to England, we realised the French property market hadn’t done us any favours financially! It was a shock how little we would be able to get with our money. We thought downsizing would free up more cash for us to enjoy in our retirement, however in reality the pot was surprisingly small.”

Platinum Skies Home Ownership Options

With average house prices in Brittany at £166,000*, compared to £384,000 in Christchurch**, Lilian and Roy would have struggled to afford an apartment in Christchurch. As the open market wasn’t going to work, they began to investigate alternative home ownership options.

Our part-buy, part-rent scheme provided the solution Lilian and Roy were after; buying a 50% share of a spacious one bedroom apartment at our Christchurch development, Monterey.

Lilian continues, “We were aware of the part-buy, part-rent option. After having read all the information and seeking advice from friends and family, it seemed like a no brainer for us. Platinum Skies’ offering enabled us to move back from France into a brand new home and in a brilliant location, which otherwise would have been out of our reach.”

And now with their family close by, Lilian and Roy are able to spend a lot more quality time with their close relatives than they could in France.

Lilian finishes: “We love having our grandkids to visit – there is so much to do nearby! Be it a stroll through the New Forest, a trip to the Priory for one of the weekly recitals, or a visit to the local theatre, we are really enjoying the quality of life in Christchurch, and as the community continues to grow at Monterey, I think it is only going to get better.”

Positioned in the heart of Christchurch, Monterey is a handsome collection of modern, light-filled apartments. The community is fast filling up, so get in touch with our team soon for information on the last remaining units.

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