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From beautiful shrubs to soaring pines – What’s on the grow at Vista in Poole?

The natural world is important to all of us. It’s why we work so hard with our arboricultural team to make sure we nurture our trees and plants.

At Vista in Poole, we have purposefully created a calm and tranquil environment. Many of the apartments have incredible sea views surrounded by preserved trees.

Having this beautiful backdrop, we knew we wanted to bring the light flooding in with floor to ceiling south-facing windows that would benefit health and well-being. With every apartment also having its own private balcony nestled amongst the treeline.

On the ground we have an expansive courtyard with a secluded viewing platform and water feature, so residents can mix and socialise. This in turn alleviates loneliness while providing a valuable green space to enjoy.

It’s a peaceful environment, but at the same time a communal hub. All surrounded by a colourful and thoughtful array of plants and trees.

It’s a green-fingered paradise that boasts all kinds of planted delights to discover. From a range of fresh herbs such as oregano, rosemary, tarragon, thyme, mint and sage.

Then there are exotically named climbers like the New Dawn Climbing Rose, Wisteria Black Dragon and Golden Showers Climbing Rose. These plants thrive in the summer months, making them perfect for our gorgeous gardens.

Alongside our beautiful shrubs, flowers, hedges and features we have some spectacular trees that bring the gardens to life.  Our pine trees and Acer Campestre Streetwise Trees are spectacular all year round, in the summertime the leaves are a deep emerald green, which later develop into the most remarkable autumn gold.

The Amelanchier Lamarckii provides a gorgeous glow in the summer. The foliage is green, fruit is purple and the berries are bright red. In the early spring this transforms into showy white flowers and in autumn it provides bronze-tinged young leaves

Our deep cherry Birch-Bark Tree, Prunus Serula, has shiny coppery-brown young bark, that will continue to grow for another 50 years. Not only do the trees we plant create gorgeous scenery but they also produce oxygen, provide homes for the wildlife but they also help to control and reduce any outside noise so that you can take it all in, in peace.

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