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Top cafes to visit in Taunton, Somerset

It’s difficult to find the perfect coffee spot in your local area, especially when there are so many to choose from! Taunton boasts some of the best coffee shops in Somerset… read on to find out where your next local could be! Knowing where to get the perfect coffee is a must!

Once voted as one of the happiest towns in the UK, Taunton offers a great quality of life, with plenty of things to do and a wide range of activities to find yourself enjoying. Quite literally, from your doorstep at Quantock House, you can enjoy these local amenities daily.

Cafés in Taunton

retirement flats in taunton town centre

The Bridge

Rated 4/5 stars on TripAdvisor, why not treat yourself to a hot brew at The Bridge (Taunton, TA1 1UQ- located in Goodland Garde) to start your day right. A perfect setting to sit outside and enjoy the rays of sunshine in the summer or take a coffee back to the comfort of your home when it’s a bit colder. From siesta to fiesta, they also serve alcohol and free Wi-Fi on-site! Something for everyone to enjoy at their own leisure.

Trip Advisor Testimonial:

“The cheese scones are brilliant, but you have to be quick because they go fast. Plenty of other goodies though.”


Mr. Miles Tea & Coffee 

Another secret gem in Taunton you don’t want to miss is Mr. Miles Tea & Coffee. Providing table service and serving a wide range of breakfast selections, you can sit back and relax with some friends over some delicious local, delicacies. Not to forget, that you can also enjoy a freshly cooked lunch menu including fish of the day and specials! This venue specializes in afternoon tea, boasting 20 or more cake choices with the local’s particular favourite event of the week, ‘High Tea’ that can be served with, or without, champagne.

Trip Advisor Testimonial:

“Service was excellent and food was divine. Excellent finish to our week away.”


Café Culture

Looking for a place that has a wide selection of gluten-free options? Café Culture in Taunton is the perfect place for you! A small, friendly, and independently run coffee shop on Taunton High Street serves a range of food and drink options, including the well-loved fresh GF delicacies. It’s wheelchair accessible and accommodates outdoor seating for when it’s a bit warmer. As the café explains on their Facebook page: “Come in and see us, we’re the little green café just past Tesco Express”.

Trip Advisor Testimonial:

“Great breakfast place. Lovely freshly cooked food, friendly staff, and excellent coffee. Secure and there’s a choice of inside and out. Highly recommended.”


Dog-friendly cafes in Taunton

pets are welcome at Platinum skies

Coffee #1 Taunton

If you enjoy a coffee date with your four-legged friend, then Coffee #1 is the perfect spot for you. This popular chain of coffee shop is one of Somerset’s best-kept secrets. Serving award-winning coffee, the café aims to please with comfy sofas and beautiful interiors to make a welcoming environment for those that visit! Aiming to feel more like a local, friendly coffee shop, this well-loved chain café is welcoming in its interior, as it is in its service!

Trip Advisor Testimonial:

“Well ventilated and spaced-out tables, but the best thing is the rather bookish, old library feel – worn wood, panelling, just very relaxed and more like you’d find in a university city than Taunton.”

Being dog-friendly is the selling point of Coffee #1. They have decided to welcome well-behaved dogs into specifically designated areas of each of their stores.


Black-down Garden Centre Café

Named one of the most popular places listed under ‘Café’s in Taunton’ and only a 12-minute drive from Platinum Skies, this Garden Centre café is a great option to have some coffee with your pet close to your home!

Trip Advisor Testimonial:

“The staff were very friendly and welcoming to dogs and children alike. The food was quick and delicious. Highly recommend.”


Vegan cafés in Taunton

the best coffee shops in Taunton

Mango Tree Café 

Are you vegan and looking for the best plant-based café in Taunton town? Look no further! Introducing the Mango Tree Café, an all-vegan licensed café & restaurant serving food from around the world. You can find an array of different drinks, including tea, coffee, shakes, smoothie, and vegetarian wines in addition to vegan beer from local breweries! What more could you want?


“Really good vegan food, nice restaurant & dog friendly. Stock good vegan beer!”

“Everything on the menu was vegan. There were several gluten-free options as well”


The Coffee Station

Named by the locals as the ‘Shining light in Taunton’… is ‘The Coffee Station’. Another local coffee shop where the café offers vegan cheese sandwiches, with chickpea “tuna”, cakes, and more! They are also able to offer three milk alternatives for coffee, for those who may fancy having a soya, coconut, or oat milk alternative!


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