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Best walks in Wiltshire: Dog friendly & river walks

When it comes to exploring the great outdoors, the Wiltshire landscape offers a feast for the eyes. With spring fast-approaching, it’s the perfect time to wrap up and get out and about for some rousing walks with your four-legged friend.

So, dust off your favourite pair of walking boots, grab the pooch and explore the best walks in Wiltshire with our guide and frequent questions answered.

Dog-friendly walking in Wiltshire

From spectacular views over lush, rolling hills to picturesque canals, quaint villages, National Trust sites and water meadows, when it comes to dog walks in Wiltshire, you are truly spoilt for choice.

Here are your questions answered together with some of our favourite spots, sure to get you feeling great and your best friend’s tail wagging.

Can you walk the Kennet & Avon Canal?

Avon and kennet canal walk

If you’re thinking of walking in Wiltshire, a visit to the picturesque Kennet & Avon Canal is a must. A treat for you and your furry friend alike, the canal crosses the heart of Wiltshire and boasts a wealth of wildlife and eye-catching landmarks to take in along the way.

Enjoy taking in views of Caen Hill Locks and Crofton Pumping Station and spot quaint villages dotted along the canal. The great news about this pretty canal walk is the choice of distances to pick from.

If you and your pooch are used to shorter distances, there is plenty to take in even if you aren’t out for long. If you are both feeling adventurous, the canal walk has the option for walks over the longer distance.

Westbury White Horse

westbury white horse walk

Feel on top of the world surrounded by lush greenery and rolling hills as you admire Wiltshire’s oldest remaining White Horse, located in Westbury. You and your dog will enjoy taking in the spectacular view as you journey up to this well-admired view.

With a host of trails to choose from that will take you up to the White Horse, once you are there, enjoy the view from Bratton Hill of the old Iron Age hill fort of Bratton Camp. A perfect spot for a comfort break or a picnic, you and your furry companion will find a sense of calm and pure stillness whilst enjoying a snack on top of the world.

Can you walk on Salisbury Plain?

salisbury plain walk

As the largest remaining area of chalk grassland in Northwest Europe and home to 2,300 prehistoric sites, Salisbury Plain is an area in Wiltshire that must be explored.

Salisbury Plain is also the largest military training area in Britain; however, the walk follows public footpaths and allows you to take in the largest prehistoric long barrow in Britain.

Your four-legged friend will enjoy hunting in puddles for shrimp and you can both watch in awe at some of the largest bird species in Europe, which can often be spotted swooping across the plain.

While this is a sight to be enjoyed by all, the MOD does advise to keep dogs under close control when walking close to the military training areas while enjoying this walk. There might be occasional noise from shells and gunfire that could cause distress.

Lose yourself in the beauty of the ancient grasslands which boast countless varieties of wildflowers and take in the stunning scenery as you travel the many footpaths this must-visit Wiltshire walk has to offer.

The Cathedral Close

Salisbury Cathderal Close walk

Salisbury, home to the Cathedral with Britain’s tallest spire and best-preserved Magna Carter, offers a wealth of dog friendly walks.

Among the many canals that this picturesque city has to offer, a visit to the Cathedral Close is a must.

Enjoy a stroll as you admire the attractive architecture as well as the Cathedral. Surrounded by lush, maintained grass, this is a perfect spot to enjoy a dog-friendly walk, take in the surrounding area and reflect on the views from the comfort of one of the many benches dotted around this historical spot.

Can you walk around Fonthill Lake?

fonthill lake walk

Yes. Fonthill Lake walk is a beautiful scenic and quiet lakeside walk, ideal for you and your dog to have some much-needed relaxation time.

Located near the small village of Fonthill Bishop, the lake is part of the Fonthill Estate, where you can enjoy woodland trails, countryside views and an abundance of nature.

You and your beloved companion will never grow tired of the varying and beautiful landscapes on offer from the Fonthill Estate.

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