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Being strong for retirement with new NHS guidance

New government guidelines announced this week recommend carrying out muscle strengthening exercises several times a week. This could range from lifting weights to dancing.

Doing this could help protect our bodies from obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and depression. Studies show that the natural decline in muscle mass and bone density starts at 50.

Chief Medical Officer for England, Professor Dame Sally Davies, said: “As we age, our muscles weaken and we can become stiff, leading to falls and difficulty performing everyday activities. Physical activity can prevent fragility and support mobility in old age. By keeping active, both throughout the day and also through hobbies, we can slow muscle and bone decline, ultimately keeping us independent for longer.”

With this in mind, Platinum Skies makes it straightforward for residents to access health and lifestyle services. Our Lifestyle Managers are on hand at every site to help encourage personal growth and strength throughout your active retirement lifestyle.

We are mindful that it can be daunting to join the gym or start a new aerobics class. We help to eliminate the anxiety surrounding these sessions by creating bespoke onsite activities designed for a vibrant community.

Why not try our five ways to remain active:

  1. Have fun with the grandchildren – Nothing will bring you more joy and keep you on your toes then taking care of the little ones. Get involved with their activities and create happy memories together.
  2. Get on your bike – explore your local area by cycling, which places less strain on your joints. Platinum Skies residents in Poole and Christchurch could hire a dockless Beryl and visit the nearby parks, quay and beach.
  3. Keep your body and mind active together – Visit your local museum, you don’t have to wait for special day to enjoy what’s on display. Take a stroll around the exhibitions and you will unknowingly be working on your physical strength and critical thinking. Dorset and Wiltshire have a wide a range of different museums – all a short walk from our Platinum Skies retirement properties.
  4. Dust off your dancing shoes – Dancing has shown to be one of the best activities to improve strength, balance, co-ordination and reverse the signs of an ageing brain. In fact, dance, Tai Chi and walking are advised for over 65s to help reduce falls.
  5. Visit the library – Reading is a great activity, which enhances memory, decision making skills and helps prevent Alzheimer’s. Platinum Skies residents are a short walk from local libraries to help you get your daily dose of learning and exercise.

: To find out more about what we have to offer and how you can sign up, contact us on 01202 088 051.

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