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Advice for Retirement: How much time should I spend outdoors?

Life doesn’t have to slow down when you reach retirement – especially when you are a Platinum Skies resident! Let’s throw aside the stereotypes and dated depictions of over 50’s life and remember that the world is your oyster. Spending time outdoors with all that Mother Nature has to offer and amongst life’s hustle and bustle is good for you. Don’t just take our word for it though, here’s why:

A dose of sunshine

Relying on the benefits of sunshine is easier said than done in the UK! But when the sun has got his hat on there are lots of health advantages. Getting a sufficient dosage of vitamin D is really important because it tops up your calcium and phosphate levels which keep your bones, teeth and muscles strong and healthy. With one in five adults thought to have a vitamin D deficiency, getting out and about on sunny days can do your body a world of good. It’s recommended that you have ‘sensible sun exposure’, which means staying in the sun for roughly 10 to 15 minutes at a time, so you can protect your skin from damage.

Benefits for the mind

Stressful situations pop up from time to time and difficult periods in our lives can make it tempting to hibernate until everything blows over. But taking a walk and getting outside has been proven to help improve your mental health and wellbeing.

Walking around in a natural setting can reduce stress levels and the best things about it are that it’s free, easy and accessible! If you get tired of your own company then it’s also a great way to socialise with a friend and studies have shown that group walks lower the chances of depression and boost your well-being even more.

Socialising Outdoors!

Volunteering, gardening, wildlife groups and sport are all things that you can do outdoors with friends. Having a go at these types of activities on your own is great fun, but doing them with a group can be a good way to kick-start your social life. Joining a society or a group can lead to lots of new opportunities and chances to spend time outdoors with others. Think about what interests you and you’ll be sure to find a group of local like-minded people, or pick something completely different and learn new skills.

Getting Focused

Struggling to concentrate or focus on a task that needs your attention? Getting out and about can help to stimulate your cognitive function. By removing yourself from your typical routine and giving your brain a break from the usual stimulation it encounters, you can get some fresh perspectives. Going outside gives you the time and the space to think things through and even get some inspiration.

Exercise Easily

Escaping to the woods or your local park can make exercising that bit more appealing. Knowing that you’re going to have to drag yourself to the gym can be a chore, but getting straight out of the house and using the natural world around you as your gym can make the idea of exercising easier. Keeping your muscles and joints in good condition will help to maintain your strength and your mobility. With experts recommending we walk around 10,000 steps a day, a leisurely walk can be physically beneficial too.

These are all the sorts of things that people living at Platinum Skies developments can be involved in, so what are you waiting for? If the Platinum Skies lifestyle sounds like it suits you then get in touch with us now on 01202 471461 and our friendly staff will give you more details.

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