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Six perfect drinks for a sunny day

The temperatures are soaring and it’s a golden opportunity to make the most of your balcony or precious outdoor green space.

At Platinum Skies, many of our retirement living locations have extensive communal spaces and bistro facilities where you can enjoy a socially-distanced drink with friends.

You can make the most of fresh air and a blue sky, all from the comfort of your home and by staying safe.

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Indeed, the lovely warm weather’s going to put you in the mood for some refreshing, summery drinks – think mocktails, cocktails, and with a little bit of forward planning and tinkering in the kitchen, something old school, but cool, like a punch.

Here are some ideas to try…

1. Iced tea

A mini garden party and a pitcher of iced tea… mmm, really refreshing – quality ice cubes and fresh fruit (if you can get your hands on some) will make all the difference. We think Earl Grey works best with its floral, citrusy notes, topped with lemons and limes for some extra zest.

2. A Kir or Kir Royale

When it comes to putting a dash of crème de cassis in your white wine or fizz, there aren’t any wine rules, it’s all a matter of taste. But if you’re after some guidance, a white Burgundy works brilliantly with the blackcurrant flavours and for a kir royale, a budget friendly crémant from the Loire Valley is just the ticket for a little escapism to the beautiful French countryside.

3. Gin and tonic

A well garnished G&T, with flavoured tonic water, can make all the difference to this trusty serve. Rosemary, thyme and lavender are just as happy in your balloon glass as they are in your herb garden, and with so many tip-top tonics out there, there couldn’t be a better time to experiment with aromas and flavours.

4. Mint Julep

If you fancy something tall and cool and want to make the most of some freshly picked mint leaves, a Mint Julep from America’s deep south is easy to make at home with your best bourbon. A big summer stir that’s a bit boozy, you can always add a slice of cucumber to make it extra refreshing.

5. Aperol Spritz

Our favourite Italian aperitif, the fragrant freshness of prosecco and unique, bitter taste of Aperol is still the number one trending spritz on the drinks circuit – and we all know why. The bitter-sweet taste, dazzling, happy-inducing orange colour and splash of soda so you can enjoy them in moderation, not to mention the simplicity of three ingredients… cin cin!

6. Rum punch

If there are more than two of you in your household, you might want to polish up the punch bowl for this fruity celebration, otherwise, a large jug will do for the pineapple and orange juice, fresh fruit, light and dark rum and syrup, or bitters. Imbibe thoughts of far-flung places and life after lockdown.

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