Our community: Meet the homeowners and Lifestyle Managers

If you could speak to any Platinum Skies homeowner, what do you think would be the first thing that they would tell you about us? 

Might it be the affordability and financial savings? Or perhaps the beautiful locations and well-designed homes? 

No, we don’t think it would be. Our homeowners would start by telling you about the people, community and the support they receive.

A Platinum Skies home is more than bricks and mortar. It’s a way of life and this is what truly sets us apart.

Put simply, we’re committed to you now and forever, which is why every one of our retirement living locations has a dedicated Lifestyle Manager on-site.

They play a vital role in offering everything from friendly advice, emotional support to being an all-round party starter! This means our homeowners enjoy an independent lifestyle, whilst knowing that all of the help and support you may need is always on-hand. 

In fact, research has shown that people who live in retirement communities have healthier, more active, more social, more secure and happier lives. Whether you live independently or need a helping hand, our flexibility means we can tailor a service that perfectly suits your needs. 

The importance and value of our Lifestyle Manager’s was best highlighted during the recent lockdown, with their dedicated support for our homeowners. Whether through safely delivering free care parcels, special ‘socially-distanced’ music performances, operaVE Day celebrations or weekly pilates classes, there was always a friendly face or event to raise a smile.

Why not read some of the experiences from our homeowners and Lifestyle Managers:

Ann and David, homeowners at Esprit in Poole (Lifestyle Manager, Louise Snow)

Ann and David with Lifestyle Manager, Louise Snow

“We see our Lifestyle Manager on most days and Louise has helped us with all our unpacking, flattening boxes out and things. We’ve no complaints at all, it’s been good. It’s useful having a Lifestyle Manager on site, as we don’t often ask for help but it’s a good idea knowing that they’re always available just in case you ever have a problem or if you don’t know the area.”

“All our neighbours are friendly and they always say hello if they meet you, so you can have a chat and meet for coffee mornings. It’s good!”

Lifestyle Manager at Esprit, Louise Snow

Louise Snow helping an Esprit homeowner make a video-call before the lockdown.

“Lockdown had its challenges for our homeowners like Ann and David, but at Esprit we overcame these together. It was important that I was there to provide emotional and mental-health support to our residents.

“At Esprit, I continue to give at least an 30mins to an hour of daily conversation with each resident, where they can express their emotions/concerns regarding the lockdown. They feel comforted knowing I am maintaining the health and safety of the building.

I continue to provide regular updates on the latest guidelines and provide additional support to those homeowners that need that little bit extra. Throughout the lockdown journey, I have supported residents with essentials like food shopping and prescription delivery services. I made sure they that everyone had access to the internet and were able to communicate with friends and family. Our community has grown stronger!”

Frank and Julie, homeowners at Vista in Poole (Lifestyle Manager, Mel Litchfield)

We’ve been especially impressed with our Lifestyle Manager, Mel. Everything we’ve asked of her has been done and she’s not kept us waiting on anything.

Mel has been organising pilates and dance classes from our balcony. It’s amazing that they think of activities to keep everybody happy and yet they manage it. Because of that we feel that we want to participate. Anything that keeps you active and able to interact with other residents. 

“We have never felt isolated since we’ve moved to Vista. Every day without exception, our Lifestyle Manager emails or text us to make sure we’re alright or if there’s anything we need. Or have we got any ideas for activities that we would like to do and then she tries to make them happen. 

We found out that she was a great cook and she brought cake in! We are very happy to be here and having the security at Vista.

The Lifestyle Manager is very caring and personable. From organising cheese and wine evenings to our coffee mornings, these are all things that have made it much easier for us and the community to come together. It’s really lovely and anybody that moves in here just can’t help but be impressed by the community spirit that Platinum Skies and the residents have made.

Listen, we see our Lifestyle Manager regularly and she keeps in touch with anything we need to know. We know we can ring or text her and she’s doing a great job for us. She’s a very pleasant young lady and really does care about her residents.”

Mel Litchfield, Lifestyle Manager at Vista

Lifestyle Manager at Vista, Mel Litchfield

“I feel like the community at Vista has really improved since we went into lockdown! It’s strange to say, but they have all formed a good bond and have been supporting each other.

Since implementing social-distancing, the homeowners have all fully supported this. I have been calling and emailing everyone to see how they are doing and if they need anything. I think this made the most difference to our homeowners who are self-isolating, as often I would be the only person they spoke to all day. 

The homeowners also loved the free food parcels that we safely delivered. I have a thank you card on my wall in the office from one resident thanking the team, although she did mention she had no idea what she was going to do with a kilo of tuna!”

: You can now also visit our beautiful locations for a safe visit and experience the Platinum Skies lifestyle first-hand.