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15 of the world’s best nature photos

Studies suggest spending just 20 minutes in the in the garden can boost your wellbeing and even visualising nature-themed images can trigger specific responses in the brain.

Now a new competition from photography app Agora has scoured the globe for the very finest photos of the natural world, as part of its #Nature2020 competition, and more than 11,000 entries have now been trimmed to a list of 50 finalists.

Here are some of our favourites from the shortlist:

1. ‘Follow the tracks’ by @heisen22 – Rausu, Japan

2. ‘Stake out’ by @yensentan – Banten, Indonesia

3. ‘Nature is beautiful’ by @olgacristal – Tavira, Portugal

4. ‘The leader’ by @phamhuytrung – Muriwai Beach, New Zealand

5. ‘T I G E R’ by @mits4772 – Seoni, India

6. ‘Pink lake’ by @henrydo – Murcia, Spain

7. ‘Let’s fly together’ by @myatzawhein – Pyin Oo Lwin, Myanmar

8. ‘Strike’ by @georock888 – Jakarta, Indonesia

9. ‘Freediving underwater caves’ by @victordevalles – Menorca, Spain

10. ‘Little bambi’ by @jp.photoart – Belluno, Italy

11. ‘Penguin’ by @curtjam – Cape Town, South Africa

12. ‘Natural inhabitant’ by @seplb – Réunion Island, French Republic

13. ‘New born’ by @hendymp – West Kalimantan, Indonesia

14. ‘The island’ by @leemumford8 – El Nido, The Philippines

15. ‘The rain singer’ by @dennyandhika – Semarang, Indonesia

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