What is Assisted Living?

An assisted living residence is essentially a housing facility for people that can’t live unaided or have health issues that require regular care. It can also be known as extra-care housing

The level of care provided at assisted living accommodation can vary from everyday tasks (such as cleaning and shopping) to more advance care (such as personal care or medical attention). It offers more support than sheltered housing but allows you to retain your independence.

At Platinum Skies we want you to remain independent for as long as possible. Our assisted living facilities give you peace of mind – your care provider will be highly rated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) – and allow you to have access to care and support when you need it

You choose the options for assisted living that suit you best: through our trusted partners we’ll deliver quality care that’s tailored around your lifestyle. And all your needs can be catered for.

We can also arrange drop-in services like manicures, pedicures and hairdressing or access to local services such as physiotherapists, chiropodists or chiropractors.

How does assisted living work?

living is easy with Platinum Skies.

Trained and experienced staff create a personal care plan for the resident. This will detail the relevant support needed and how it will be given.

The Department of Health asked the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) to produce guidelines to help set high standards in home care across the UK.

All assisted living care is now regulated by CQC and must follow the personal domiciliary care plan guidelines produced by NICE.

All care plans produced by our care partners for Platinum Skies residents who need assisted living care meticulously follow the NICE guidelines. The plan is then carried out in accordance with the wishes of the resident and, if appropriate, their relatives.

Our high-quality care services are simple to arrange and can be booked via the lifestyle manager, by relatives, or via the online booking system. The services provided come through our specialist partners who have been externally assessed by CQC and have received an ‘outstanding’ or ‘good’ assessment result.

Assisted living is always there – but only if you need it.

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Assisted living – key points

• Assisted living is not the same as sheltered housing
• All assisted living care in the UK is regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC)
• Assisted living care providers at Platinum Skies are all assessed by CQC to ‘outstanding’ or ‘good’ levels

• All care plans produced by our care partners for Platinum Skies follow the personal domiciliary care plan guidelines produced by NICE
• At Platinum Skies you choose the options for assisted living that suit you best
• At Platinum Skies all your retirement and assisted living needs can be catered for

At Platinum Skies it’s all about you

When you’re considering your retirement living options remember that you might not always be as mobile or healthy as you are right now.

We provide a simple and unique route to good health, wealth and happiness. We want to support you in remaining healthy and active for as long as possible but should anything happen you can be sure that appropriate support will be easily accessed.

Whatever your current health needs, your current options for retirement, or your need to release equity from your home, Platinum Skies affordable, luxury retirement living and luxury assisted living, could have the retirement solution that works for you.

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