Shared Ownership With Platinum Skies

A happy and affordable retirement

You may have heard of Shared Ownership? Find out how our government approved scheme can help you.

How Shared Ownership works

It’s simple. Own a new retirement property at half the full-market value and release equity to spend more time on the things you love.

1. Choose your perfect Platinum Skies home.

2. Buy a share in partnership with us

3. Move in straight away, while we sell your property

4. Pay a low rent on the balance

5. Property value increases over time with property market

6. In 10 years your proportion could increase in value

7. If you decide to sell, you’ll receive full market value for your share (less event fees)

Find out how Platinum Skies are changing lives and raising the standards of retirement with its affordable homes. Meet the owners who have taken the journey to an accessible and affordable dream retirement.

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Government approved? Tell me more.

We pride ourselves on the solid relationship we’ve built with Homes England, the government provider that regulates shared ownership schemes in the UK. They are integral to what we do and our mission to make retirement living affordable to all.

As a registered provider of our shared ownership scheme, all of our rental charges and fees are set by Homes England. Trust and transparency mean everything to us.

How Does Shared Ownership Work

“Shared Ownership.
So how does it work?”

Our scheme is designed to reduce the costs of downsizing. You can purchase a share in one of our new homes, before paying a monthly rent and management fee.

What this means for you:

  • You can afford a new retirement property at half the full-market value.
  • Release equity to supplement your income.
  • Make your budget go further and find a location to suit your future needs.

We are the only retirement living provider in the UK to integrate age-friendly housing with finance solutions and lifestyle support services.

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“What are the requirements?”

Well, you must be aged over-55. Sorry we’re not being ageist, but those are the rules we must abide within the Older People’s Shared Ownership scheme.

Financially, you must be in a position to afford to buy the agreed percentage of the purchase price. You should also be able afford the annual rent and service charges.

Other essential criteria are that you can only own one existing property and your annual income must be less than £80,000 per household. You must also own just one property after you have purchased with Platinum Skies.

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Does this mean I can unlock equity from my home?

Yes, it does. But remember that shared ownership is not the same as an equity release scheme.

It has less restrictions and there no hidden costs or penalties. The rent you pay on the portion of property that you don’t own is fixed by government and will not erode the value of your property.

This allows you to plan your future by accessing funds for your retirement or sharing wealth with loved ones.

Other essential criteria are that your annual income must be less than £80,000 per household and you can only own one existing property.

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What does it mean in the long-term?

With shared ownership, our interests are the same as yours because we each own a share a of the property. We expect the properties to appreciate over time and therefore we keep the buildings and services in tip top condition.

Our business is built on a long-term view and partnerships that last forever.

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