Meet Tony, Interior Architectural Designer for Platinum Skies - Platinum Skies

Meet Tony, Interior Architectural Designer for Platinum Skies

Interior Design at Platinum Skies Retirement Living

Meet Tony, Interior Architectural Designer for Platinum Skies


Interior Design At Platinum Skies Retirement Living

Whilst designing Platinum Skies retirement living homes, we have raised the bar on the quality and standards for retirement living. We ensure that our picture-perfect surroundings are utilised as part of the full design. Making the scenic views over the likes of Poole Harbour and Brownsea Island the backdrop in your new home. We incorporate premium brands such as Villeroy & Boch and Neff that homeowners can associate with, giving a sense of familiarity and confidence.

It is common for retirement homes to stick to muted colours, simple shapes and bland designs. However, the Platinum Skies design team spend many months using their extensive knowledge to plan, design and test our beautiful retirement living homes.

We spoke with Tony, who is part of the interior architectural design team to get the full fit-out of the Platinum Skies ethos.

Tony explained that each of our locations have a specific theme based on the building and culture that surrounds it. “Chapters – our new village in Salisbury, is based around a classical style. In this historic site in Wiltshire, we’ve created an environment that feels less like retirement and more of a lifestyle choice. The idea behind it was to lean on the architecture of the building which is more reserved and traditional.” Elegance meets contemporary as we’ve brought in bold colours, eye-catching patterns and premium materials.

“Due to the location of Esprit, we gained a lot of enjoyment from designing a space that has connected us to the heart of Poole and the wider community. We’ve created an outward facing Bistro, which has a contemporary classic look, focusing on comfort from the moment you walk through the front door. We have the best local amenities on our doorstep, including Poole Hospital and the Lighthouse Theatre. So, having a welcoming place to meet with your friends in the centre of the town creates a home from home feeling for the owners and public.”

Vista is a very impressive building. We have incorporated a high-end spec finish by using suedes, bolds, contemporary patterns and colours. We’ve used the large spaces to show off a first class view – unlike any property in Poole. Overlooking Poole Quay and the surrounding areas, the view stretches for miles. This, of course has created the beautiful picture perfect backdrop to a lot of the apartments. This background view has carried its theme from the apartments to the communal areas. Set through the garden and amongst the trees, we have designed a quiet spot to take in the view. Our lookout podium is the perfect place to relax in comfort in a safe environment”

“The layout and design encourage owners to interact, socialise and make new friends – at Monterey we have designed a comfortable cosy lounge which provides and extension of the owners living space. We have a beautiful large garden which holds a very impressive giant Monterey Pine Tree, it’s  a great place to hold events and to get active with the likeminded neighbours.”

In addition to our apartments and finishes being designed with you in mind, we look at the communal spaces and think about the smart technology that can help owners now – and in the future. We have provided technology that can help with the heating and controlling appliances. Having these luxuries at the touch of a button allow you to be even more comfortable when putting your feet up.

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