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Raising Awareness Of Dementia

Dementia Awareness Esprit

Raising Awareness Of Dementia

Retaining Independence And Dignity With Dementia

Different types of dementia can affect people differently, and everyone will experience symptoms in their own way. Platinum Skies are familiar with conditions such as Dementia and are on hand to point you in the right direction to the nearest facilities to help support your advanced years.

David Hines, CEO of Platinum Skies, comments: “Our philosophy is based on designing and creating communities where our residents can live in their own homes for as long as possible. This straightforward ambition isn’t always easy to deliver in practice – especially when it comes to living with dementia. However, we benefit from close links to Bournemouth University’s Ageing Dementia Research Centre and our sister company Encore which operates state-of-the-art nursing and dementia homes. This means a huge pool of technical knowledge and best practice has informed our three-pronged offering, centred around architectural design, ongoing support, and a deep customer understanding.

When we build our homes, we prioritise wayfinding. We install automatic light sensors in our corridors, arrange portable alarms which will alert your next of kin about any immediate issues, install telephone systems with large icons, easy to use controls on the thermostats, fire alarms and our lifestyle managers are always on hand to assist with any queries you may need help with.

All of our developments have Lifestyle Managers responsible for creating communal ambience and access to care in their homes. We offer varying levels of highly personalised support for our residents, which helps them retain independence and dignity. It may well be that a resident currently has no need for specialist care. Nevertheless, we know that it’s a huge comfort to know that it’s there when you need it – and that’s the ethos we operate within.
Our Lifestyle Managers are able to anticipate a client’s needs ahead of time, utilizing and using their extensive broad knowledge and contacts in the local area to generate inspiring and innovative ideas for experiences and events.

Platinum Skies provide services on your doorstep that change lives. Activity days and guest speakers encourage our owners to learn more about the symptoms of dementia- without feeling the pressure of walking into an unfamiliar place with strangers eyes pinned on them.

David added, “We also have an intimate understanding of our residents’ needs. We recognise, for instance, that conditions like dementia are often exacerbated by inadequate socialisation, nutrition and hydration. That’s why access to great food and activities lies at the heart of all Platinum Skies developments. We strive to ensure our buyers, whether suffering from dementia or not, don’t just live at Platinum Skies, but are fulfilled and enriched by the experiences and support on offer.